Booking Form

Thank you for choosing to book a Jollypop party! Please complete the form below, answering each question, so that we can ensure the most magical party!


Parties with more than twenty children require at least two entertainers. We recommend at least three entertainers are booked for parties of more than thirty children.

Is there anything we need to know about your venue? for example: will we be performing outside? is space limited? 

our entertainers will need to park close to your venue- let us know if parking is not available, or if there is a charge for parking.

we don't recommend that any other entertainment is provided during our entertainment, including bouncy castles or soft play. if you decide to have another form of entertainment available please let us know, so that we can come best prepared.

We recommend for 30, 60 and 90 minute packages that party food is served once our performers have finished their entertainment. during our 120 minute packages, our entertainers will break for food after approximately 60 minutes. please let us know if you'd like to arrange a different schedule. otherwise leave this section blank.

We aim to include every guest in our entertainment. please let us know how we can help to include any children coming to your party with additional needs.

Sometimes our entertainers bring sweets with them to use as prizes, particularly as part of our pass the parcel game. are you happy for us to do this?

Balloons are charged separately. You can check out our balloon designs here!

you'll be able to change the amount of balloons you'd like to order up to a week before your party date.

Would you like our entertainers to bring pre-twisted balloon models with them?
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