Exciting Party Themes

Jollypop offer an array of exciting activities. There's something for boys and girls of all ages and each theme comes with its very own party activities.

Party leaders and characters can be booked individually, or in pairs for larger parties or just for extra fun!

Find out more about our themes and characters below. Can't see the theme you'd like? Get in touch, Jollypop are always happy to accommodate a new theme for your little one's special party.

Get ready to go bananas for our despicably inspired party theme!


At these super-silly parties, you can expect lots of crazy games, including:

Papoy (Unicorn) racing

Banana blast


Bust some moves and hunt some ghosts with this fun theme for older children.

Our ghostly parties are full of fun which may include games such as:

Ghost hunters training

Proton blast

hide the ghost

Wave your paws in the air and get ready to patrol with our animal loving theme, ideal for younger children!

These parties may include games such as:

Rescue relays

Paw power training

Clear the rubble

Get ready to sing, dance and shake your hair with our fun-loving Troll Princess!

Our princess will come prepared with a wide range of fun party activities that may include:

Interactive storytime

Musical trolls

Troll-tastic sing-a-long

Calling all little superheroes together for a super adventure! Your mini heroes will have a blast at our energetic superhero themed parties.

At a superhero party you can expect lots of fun which may include games such as:

Pass the kryptonite

Superhero obstacle course

Guess the baddie

Here at Jollypop we're spreading our wings, wiggling our antenna and crawling with excitement with our butterfly and bugs themed parties!

These parties may include games such as:

Bug Ball dancing

Parachute Parasites 

Crawling Critters

Ahoy there! Jump aboard for a fun packed pirate party, and get ready to set sail for lots of swashbuckling fun!

Adventures at your pirate party may include games such as:

Walk the plank

Canon fire

Under the waves parachute games

Get ready to launch, space cadets! Our space parties are packed full of exciting adventures for all your little earthlings.

Space parties are filled with activities which may include games such as:

Asteroids attack

space-walk relays

galaxy target practice.

Join us for a Teddy bears' picnic. This theme is perfect for either indoor or outdoor parties and is ideal for younger children.

At your Teddy bears' picnic, you can expect to enjoy lots of party fun which may include activities such as:

Interactive teddy bear story time

Teddy bear sing along

Baby Bear's musical bumps.

Our quirky vampire friend, has travelled all the way from her hotel in Transylvania and is ready to party with your little monsters! At 118 years old, she knows all the best tricks to keep them entertained.


Party activities with our vampire friend can include:

Mummy making

Werewolf relays

Invite our Jollypop exclusive characters, Sun-beam and Moon-beam the fairies to celebrate your little one's special day!

Fairy parties may include fun such as:

Pixie dust hunts

Fairy whispers

Musical rainbows

It's a circus party! Lots of activities for boys and girls of all ages, with plenty of silly fun for everyone.

Circus parties are packed full of games which may include activities such as:

Tightrope balancing practice

Big top's parachute games

Ringmaster calls

Yee-haw! It's time for a mighty fun party for your little cowboys and girls. Cowboy parties are lively, active and a great choice for children with energy to burn.

You can expect your party to be filled with fun, which may include activities such as:

Lasso toss

Cattle wrangler

cowboy hat pass

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