Jollypop offer an array of characters and themes for boys and girls. Who will you invite to your party?

Character Parties
This Princess is always thrilled to accept a royal invitation, she loves to make new friends!
This Princess's favourite part of any party is her interactive story time. She's available in alternative outfits too!
Our Scottish Princess is the bravest of them all!
Our Ice Queen has such a warm heart, and loves to make parties and events extra magical!
Our curious friend is in a world of her own! She loves tea parties, and story telling too!
Our Darling character has flown all the way from London, just for your party!
This character has arrived from a galaxy far far away! She loves to share her space adventures with new friends!
Parties with our elves are perfect for your winter party!
Kate and Grace are on the case at our paw-tastic parties!
This theme is packed with explosive fun and games!
Dinosaur Parties are roar-some! Invite our dino-experts to your party for all kinds of jurassic adventures!
Our Classic Princess is the perfect guest for your Royal Ball, but she must make sure she's home before the clock strikes midnight.
Our Mermaid Princess, can't wait for your party, but she's a little wobbly on her brand new legs.
This Princess has escaped her tower and can't wait to have the best day ever with you!
She's neither sophisticated nor graceful, but this Princess makes a wonderful party guest! Available in an alternative outfit too!
Our Royal Villain! This Queen loves to accept invitations, particularly if there'll be Jam Tarts at the party. This character is an ideal addition to a party with her curious little friend!
Our Spider hero can't wait to swing by to visit all the little heroes at your party!
Our greatest theme yet!
With unique vocal arrangements, and circus themed games and entertainment, this party theme is spectacular!
Our Wizarding students invite you to a magical occasion, with their very own interactive potion making story time!
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic!
Butterfly parties are such fun! And it's even more fun to combine them with our Bugs theme!
A great theme for your little gamers! 
This Princess loves to help make dreams come true!
This Princess is just a magic carpet ride away!
This roguish Prince loves to join his Princess for parties and events! 
Our Ice Harvester loves to join the Snow Sisters for magical ice parties!
The cheekiest fairy around loves to play party games, but make sure she sticks to the rules!
Our Unicorn Princesses, Rose and Sapphire, love rainbows, glitter, and birthday parties!
Our Pirates are always ready for a swashbuckling adventure!
But some moves and hunt some ghosts with this spooky party theme!
This Party theme is despicably fun, and very silly!
Bug themed parties! We love creepy crawlies, and this theme is even better combined with our butterfly theme!
No theme in mind?
No problem! Host a classic Jollypop party- and let fun be the theme!
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