Princesses and Fairies

Our Jollypop fairytale princesses can't wait to turn your little one's party into a royal ball. Each princess brings her own special touches to every party, lots of fun for all the boys and girls, and is always ready to sing her favourite song.

Our Princesses can be booked on their own, or for bigger parties, or simply for extra magic, in pairs! Find out more about our princesses, and the party games they like to play below.

She's the fairest of them all, and is sure to make your little ones smile.  This princess loves to sing and dance, and is always delighted to accept a party invitation.

Exciting party activities with this princess may include games such as:

Bearded Dwarf racing.

Magic Mirror craft

Hunt the apples

Our Princess from under the sea is still a little wobbly on her new legs, and she can't wait to dance and play with the girls and boys at your party.

Games with this princess may include fun activities such as:

Under the waves parachute games

Pirate treasure hunts

Musical Mermaids

This Princess has finally woken up, and is ready to party with some new friends.

Party activities with this sleepy head may include games such as:

Sleeping Fairies,

Musical animals

The belle of the ball has always longed for adventure, and she'd be thrilled to accept an invitation to your party.

Party fun with this princess may include games such as:

Storytelling together

Inventors workshop

The beast's countdown

We're thrilled to announce that our Fairy Godmother has made this princess new shoes, so she won't leave one behind at your royal ball.

Party games with this classic princess may include activities such as:

A charming ballroom dance

Fairy Godmother's magic

Cat and mouse

Now that she's escaped the tower, this quirky princess can't wait to come to your party. It's going to be the best day ever!

Exciting party fun with this princess may include activities such as:

Flower craft

Hide and guess


The castle gates are open, and this princess is finally having some  fun. She loves parties, chocolate, and dancing!

Fun at your party with this princess may include activities such as:

Ice statues

Snowball blast

Mountain climbing obstacle course

She's learnt to control her powers, and she's even discovered the joy of a party. Our Ice Queen has plenty of icy games to bring to your royal ball.

Games with the ice queen may include snowy activities such as:

Snowball target practice

Snowman building

Reindeer Chase

Our favourite fairy friend is ready to fly by to visit your party. 

Games with this cheeky fairy may include fairy fun such as:

A pixie dust hunt


Bubble catching

Avast and shiver me timbers! The Pirate Fairy has plenty of stories to tell about her adventures at sea.

Exciting Party adventures with this fairy may include activities such as:

Walk the plank obstacle course

Pirate treasure hunt

Captain says

She's curious, loves to make new friends, and enjoys tea parties!

Our wonderful parties with our curious friend may include games such as:

Bunny hop relay racing

Musical flamingos

Mad hat craft

This princess has escaped from the palace and is ready to explore an exciting new world of games and fun!

Parties with this  princess may include games such as:

Magic lamp wish circle

Interactive storytime

Genie says

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