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Personalised Video Messages

A magical message from a favourite Character.

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*SPECIAL LOCKDOWN OFFER - Just £15 for one message!*


Take a look through the magic mirror to meet the character of your little one's dreams. Sing along with your favourite princess, make a magical wish with a cheeky fairy, or complete your superhero training with our spider hero, all from the comfort of your own home. We'll include any information or special messages you'd like in these enchanted pre-recorded video messages so your little ones knows their message is especially for them. 

A year of magic....

For an extra special gift, choose to book a year of magic with us, and we'll send a surprise message each month from our characters. You'll be able to let us know your little one's favourite character and we'll be sure to include a message from them.

  • One personalised video message             *£15*

  • A year of magic                                     £100



Book your video message package now!

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