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Fairy Tale Birthday Box

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The magic of fairy tales posted to your doorstep!


Struggling to find a way to make your little one's birthday magical with government restrictions in place? Jollypop has the solution!

Why not book a fairy tale birthday box for your little one's special day? Each box is priced at just £25 and includes a signed birthday card from your chosen princess, a birthday present and a signed photo, all themed around your little one's favourite princess. You can even add to the magic by booking a personalised birthday video message to accompany your delivery for an additional £10!


With 20 different character's to choose from there is something for everyone! We believe that all little ones deserves to have magic on their special day!

Contact us now to book this enchanting surprise!


Seeing my daughters face when she got her video message and present from Elsa was priceless. It made her day extra special. The customer service I received from Jollypop was fantastic. Thank you!

Book your Fairy Tale Birthday Box now!

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