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I want to book a Jollypop party. How do I do that? 
That's great! Send us a message using our contact form here and we'll be in touch to discuss your booking with us!

Can I make a Jollypop booking for 2020?

Yes! Whilst we're not able to offer party entertainment, we're offering our Best Friends Visits, as well as Video messages and Pen Pal packages. Read more about those here.

When should I plan for the children at my party booking to eat?
We recommend that the children eat after our entertainment at 60 and 90 minute party bookings. At our 120 minute parties, we recommend that food is served approximately 60 minutes into our entertainment. Our characters or entertainers will use this time to get to know your little one's better, and to prepare for the next activity.

What's the difference between a Deluxe Character Party and a Themed Party?
Both are great choices for a wonderful party! Our Deluxe Character parties are hosted by one of our high quality characters in a Fairy Godmother approved outfit and assisted by a Royal attendant. These parties all include a live vocal performance (when appropriate to your chosen character), an interactive story time, and a backdrop for the perfect portraits as well as plenty of carefully themed games and activities. Our Themed Parties are hosted by an entertainer rather than a character and are jam packed with active fun and games designed to suit your party theme. 

How many children can I invite to my Jollypop party?
Parties with one character or entertainer are suitable for up to 20 children. Parties with 2 characters or entertainers are suitable for up to 30 children. Our small 30 minute home visit experiences are ideal for up to 10 children.


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