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Fun filled themes to make your party POP! Which will you choose?

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Our fun filled themed parties are packed with adventure. Our themed parties include: A professional entertainer ready with activities and games planned especially for your little one's party, ranging from pass the parcel style games to obstacle courses, dancing and parachute games. Whether it's pass the treasure chest at a pirate party or teddy bear dancing at a teddy bear picnic party- each game is perfectly suited to your choice of theme and your little one's age. We'll even bring a gift for the birthday boy or girl as well as one of our warm hug keepsake charms for every guest. These parties are ideal for little ones with lots of energy and are a great choice for a celebration to remember.

Why not add balloons to make your little one’s party even more magical?


The best bit has been seeing the happiness, silliness and imagination it has brought back in my child. Thank you Jollypop!

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