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Party FAQs

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Thank you for booking a Jollypop party! We have received your booking and added your party to our diary.


To help your party run smoothly and to help answer any queries you have, we ask that you carefully read the following answers to these frequently asked questions.


 When is the remaining fee due?

You will have paid a £30 deposit at booking. We’ll invoice for the remaining fee around a week in advance of your booking. Our invoices are sent via PayPal and will appear in your email inbox. Your remaining fee will include any additional costs such as the cost of an additional gift for an extra birthday child, or any balloon party favours as selected on your booking form.


How many children can I invite?

Parties with one entertainer are limited at 20 children whilst parties with two entertainers are limited at 30 children and with three entertainers are limited at 40 children. Please bear in mind that our diary fills up very quickly and we may not be able to add an additional entertainer to your party at a later date. We do reserve the right not to go ahead with entertainment should you have more children than the required limit for your booking.


Should I have any other entertainment

Here at Jollypop we believe we are all you need for a fun filled party. We strongly recommend against booking other entertainment to run at the same time as ours. We recommend that if you would like to hire a face painter, bouncy castle or any other activity, that you hire this service for an alternative time slot at your party. Children respond best at parties when there is one activity at a time and whilst it’s tempting to opt for a ‘more is better’ approach, we find this often causes unnecessary distraction and noise. We strongly recommend that bouncy castles are deflated during our entertainment time.


When will Jollypop arrive?

We are often asked how much time we will need to set up- the answer is ‘barely any at all!’. We arrive ready to ‘press play’ and start our entertainment at the time of your booking so won’t need to arrive in advance to set anything up. You can expect your entertainers to knock on the door around 5 minutes before the start of your booked time.


Do I need to provide anything?

We provide everything we need for our entertainment, include music, a speaker, prizes for games and all equipment we need for each of our activities. If you have booked a deluxe character party, we’ll also provide a backdrop for the perfect photographs which our character attendant will erect during your party in a suitable space. We don’t provide: Food, decorations, party invitations or party bags. (You’re welcome to add balloon party favours to your booking with us if you’d like to- please let us know well in advance if you haven’t already added these to your booking.)


What will happen at the party?

The activities we provide at parties do vary depending on the character or theme you have booked, the age of the children, the number of children and the space provided. However, at party bookings of 60 minutes or longer you are likely to see musical games, a pass the parcel style game, parachute games (if space) and plenty of fun to fill the time of your booking. Many of our fairy-tale characters also sing and share a story with your royal guests. 120 minute parties often also include a craft activity.


Can the character bring a gift for my child?

Yes, your booking always includes a gift from your character or entertainer.


What happens if my party needs to be cancelled due to covid?

If your party needs to be cancelled because you, our entertainer, or the guests at your party develop covid or are required to isolate, or because restrictions change, you’ll be refunded everything you have paid to us over your £30.00 deposit. Your £30 deposit can then be transferred towards a rescheduled date (availability dependent) or towards the cost of a more covid friendly package. If our entertainer develops covid or must isolate we will always do everything we can to recast your booking or offer an alternative character if necessary.


What age group will the party be suitable for?

You will have let us know the age of the birthday child on your booking form with us, and we always plan to entertain children of the birthday child’s age group. We do ask that you let us know if the age of the children at the party is likely to be a particularly wide range or very different to the age of the birthday child so that we can best prepare for this. Our parties are suitable for children aged 3 and over.


What if I need to change the time/date/location of my booking?

We’ll do what we can to help with reschedules dependent on our availability. However, we cannot commit to being able to change the time/date/location of an existing booking. We often have multiple parties scheduled for each performer and may not be able to accommodate a change in our schedule.


When should the children eat?

At 30 minute visits and 60 and 90 minute parties, we recommend that the children eat after our entertainment. During our 120 minute parties we include a short break for the children to eat a party tea, provided by you. We recommend that this takes place after 60 minutes- if you would prefer a different arrangement, please let us know.


Can you sing happy birthday and present the cake?

Yes! Whilst our characters aren’t insured to carry cakes with lit candles, we can certainly introduce the happy birthday singing whilst you carry the cake. We recommend that this happens at the end of our booking with you with the exception of 120 minute bookings, at which we recommend this happens during the break for party tea.

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