Pre-twisted Balloon Models

Gift a specially twisted balloon to each guest at your Jollypop party.


Choose from our balloon model packages below or let us know if you have something different in mind. We'll be happy to put together a bespoke balloon order for your Jollypop party! We'll make the balloons in advance of your party and bring them along to be gifted to guests after our entertainment. 

Stars 5.png

Pick 'n' Mix

A mix of simple fun animal balloon designs for the children at your party to pick and choose from.


  • For up to 10 children- £10.00

  • For up to 20 children- £15.00

  • For up to 30 children- £20.00


Balloon Batons

Your choice of themed balloon batons. Available with the following themes: Princesses, Frozen, Star Wars, Emojis, Unicorns, Superheroes. 

  • For up to 10 children- £15.00

  • For up to 20 children- £20.00

  • For up to 30 children- £25.00


Swords and Wands

A selection of beautiful butterfly wands and pirate swords.


  • For up to 10 children- £15.00

  • For up to 20 children- £20.00

  • For up to 30 children- £25.00


Deluxe Character Dolls

A  perfect accompaniment to our deluxe character packages. Most of our characters are available as balloon dolls!


  • For up to 10 children- £30.00


Looking for something extra?

Add a bespoke balloon to your booking and help your little one celebrate their special day with a twist. When you make your booking with us, just let us know that you'd like to do this! Whether it's a favourite animal, a floral bouquet or a special hero, we're on hand to twist up the perfect balloon gift. Bespoke prices are available on enquiry. 



We ordered balloon wands as 'going home' gifts too... the kids loved them


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